Porsche (1948-2023) - duży album / historia (Leffingw

Porsche (1948-2023) - duży album / historia (Leffingwell)
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Porsche (1948-2023) - duży album / historia (Leffingwell) Porsche (1948-2023) - duży album / historia (Leffingwell) Porsche (1948-2023) - duży album / historia (Leffingwell) Porsche (1948-2023) - duży album / historia (Leffingwell)
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Porsche (1948-2023) - duży album / historia (Leffingwell)

Kod produktu: MI-PO-75-AN

Porsche - 75th Anniversary - Expect the Unexpected (Porsche - 75 rocznica - oczekuj nieczekiwanego) - Randy Leffingwell, język angielski, Motorbooks 2022, 256 str, ponad 300 kolorowych zdjęć i ilustracji, format 24,7x30,5 cm, waga 1,95 kg, twarda oprawa z obwolutą
            - duży album prezentujący historię drogowych i wyczynowych samochodów Porsche produkowanych w latach 1948-2023 - prezentuje w chronologicznym porządku kolejne roczniki i modele drogowe i wyczynowe (seryjne
356, 911, Boxster, Cayman, 928, 924, 944, 968, Cayenne, Panamera, Macan, GT3, aż do elektrycznego modelu Taycan / wyczynowe 60, 64, 718, 804, 910, 907, 909, 908, 917, 936, grupy 5 i 4, TAG PO1, 956, 962, 918, 919)
- rys historyczny, techniczny i najważniejsze dane techniczne i ciekawostki związane z każdym modelem,
- spis treści - patrz zdjęcia
      - wprowadzenie wydawcy:
In Porsche 75th Anniversary: Expect the Unexpected, the full story of Germany’s fabled marque is revealed through a richly illustrated account of its most surprising moves and successes.

Few other sports car manufacturers can match Porsche’s success in the showroom or on the world’s race tracks. In this stunning volume, automotive historian, photographer, and recognized Porsche expert Randy Leffingwell focuses his attention on the key moments and models that have created the Porsche legend, from the original Gmund coupe to today’s 911CayennePanamera, and all-electric Taycan.

Leffingwell’s recounting of Porsche’s history is accompanied by rare images from Porsche’s own archive and punctuated with quotes and observations from key personnel. It’s a thorough, compelling, and revealing look at one of the world’s premier car makers.

Created with Porsche’s cooperationPorsche 75 Years takes you behind the scenes of Stuttgart’s most famous cars as well as its key players. This book offers something for all Porsche enthusiasts, whether they are rear-engine loyalists, race fans, or followers of contemporary vehicles like the Cayman, Boxster, Macan, and Taycan.

Celebrate 75 years of Porsche excellence!

                - o autorze:
Randy Leffingwell wrote his first book, American Muscle, while still on staff at the Los Angeles Times. The book examined Times’ publisher Otis Chandler’s growing collection of muscle cars. American Muscle published in September 1990, jump-started a love of book creation that ultimately led Leffingwell to leave the Times in 1995. By then, he and Motorbooks had published Porsche Legends, and six other books.
Since 1990, Leffingwell has authored more than 60 titles, most of them automotive-oriented. Over 30-plus years, these include a dozen Porsche titles ranging from general overviews—Porsche 75 Years: Expect the Unexpected, and The Complete Book of Porsche 911—to deeper explorations in Porsche Turbo and Porsche 911: 50 Years. During this time, he has regularly traveled to Germany to continue his research regarding Porsche’s history. To date, Leffingwell has interviewed more than 200 Porsche engineers, stylists, model makers, racers, and managers.
While he has tackled other subjects including John Deere tractors, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and West Coast lighthouses, Leffingwell admits he is almost addicted to the Porsche story. In addition to his book work, he is historical editor for 000 magazine and Porsche Panorama. And for the past decade he has been researching and writing an encyclopedic history of Porsche’s motorsports endeavors.

- kod produktu: MI-PO-75-AN

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